The 10 Minute Tidy

If you’ve ever looked at your desk or table at the end of a long day of teaching and wanted to hide, this is a great tip you can use every day! I learned this SUPER classroom hack from a great friend and colleague a LONG time ago, but it has always stuck with me!

Many moons ago, I was looking with jealousy interest at my colleague’s clean and clear guided reading table. (In my room, it was the table with the most junk piled on it by the end of the day.) She told me that every afternoon, before she went home, she did a “10 minute tidy.” She set her timer for 10 minutes and cleared that table, and anything else that needed tidying, before she went home. Ever since that day, I have been a firm believer in the 10 minute tidy! I do it before I go home – I pick up papers, put away extra supplies (where they belong, not just in another pile), put books back where they belong and make it so my table is clear when I come in the next morning. It’s actually a huge relief to come in to a clean space.

There’s an oatmeal cup on there!!!!
Ahhhhh…..ready for tomorrow.

This tip has helped me breathe a sigh of relief before going home AND when I walk in the door the next day. What is your favorite tip for avoiding that overwhelmed and disorganized feeling?

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  1. Rachel Joanne

    I love the "10 Minute Tidy" idea! That would be SO helpful to me at the end of each day. I tend to do a 30 minute "move the papers to another place that they don't belong" at the end of each day right now!

    Thank you so much for inviting me to join your group for this wonderful giveaway! It's fun to participate with some bloggers I've yet to collaborate with and see all the wonderful tips and prizes!

    Mrs O Knows

  2. Leah Popinski

    I always need tips for tidying up. If I set a timer an knew there was an end in sight, I just might do it. Thanks for the super tip!

  3. Anonymous

    The 10 minute tidy sounds like something that I could handle! I need to start implementing it! Your resource looks like a fun activity too. Go BRONCOS!

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