Day 2 Was Awesome!

July 13, 2013

It was another great day at the NCTM Interactive Institute! Today we did a lot more math, had a lot more time to talk with our colleagues from around the US and overall had a very busy day.

Here are a few pictures:

Ready to go!

Trusty math notebook and Starbucks…essentials!

We learned how to use a number balance today! So cool!
Using tiles to model the distributive property!

Modeling multiplication (partial products) with base ten blocks!

I hate to say it, but that’s all your getting today, y’all! I’m exhausted after class, dinner, a carriage ride and a trolley ride back to the hotel…I’m going to bed. I promise I will post more highlights tomorrow in more detail. If you want updates during the day, you can follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

Thanks everyone for stopping by and checking on how it’s going! If you have anything specific you might want to hear about from this Interactive Institute, please leave me a comment below. I’ll try to address it!

Goodnight, y’all!!!

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